Granite Transformations Franchise Convention

25 06 2013

Granite Transformations Franchise Convention

Looking forward to the Granite Transformations Franchise Convention in Long Beach!

Why Should I Use An Advertising Agency???

25 03 2013

In many cases an advertising agency can increase your bottom line, cut down on your frustration and save you time and money.

Properly marketing your business is a full time job that requires a full time focus.  Creating a marketing budget and campaign strategy that will carry your message to the right target audience effectively takes a great deal of time and talent.  Not to mention placing the ad schedules, keeping track of when you are running, creating effective offers, designing ads, double checking invoices, keeping everything on a time sensitive schedule and taking all of the calls from the sales reps off of your plate so you can get back to focusing full time on what it is that you do best…run your business.

Who do you trust for your marketing investment?  Most business owners are bombarded by media sales reps wanting you to sign on the dotted line.  Frankly, they are all telling you, “This is the best place for you to spend your money!”  Let’s not forget about all of the calls you receive to sponsor a school’s event or donate goods to local charities.  Advertising agencies will give you an unbiased recommendation of where to distribute your marketing budgets to best reach your target market and we will even keep track of your marketing expenditures to help you stay on budget.

Consistency is key!  All of your marketing copy and creative is handled by one entity and distributed to all the mediums you are using with a consistent message, look and “feel.”  Whether it is in newspaper, billboard, direct mail, magazines, radio or television.  Consistency is key in delivering your message for ultimate results.

Did you know that full service advertising agencies can also handle the production of your stationery package, business cards, brochures, in house materials, forms, etc to make sure your company always looks its best.

Advertising agencies research the best practices in advertising and recommend the best approach to spending your hard-earned marketing dollars.  When you sign with an advertising agency, you are getting a team of experts in media planning, placement, buying, campaign creation, research, sales promotion, copy writing, layout, graphic design, account management and accounting.  That is a lot of creative talent!

The best part, you pay only for the services that you require.  Can you afford not to use an Advertising Agency?

So… What Now?

25 09 2012


After a trade show, there are five tactics to increase the effectiveness of your lead follow-up

  1. Regardless of whether you are using an electronic lead management system, have your own lead form for capturing specific information. When you create the form, get your sales organization (who will be using it) to review it prior to giving it to them to use at the show. Get early buy-in.
  2. Train your staff how to capture information in the interview process. What information should they be seeking that will be beneficial?
  3. Discipline your staff to categorize your leads- “A”, “B”, “C” as they are generated, and review them each night for completeness.
  4. Create a system to manage the leads. When the show ends how do they get fulfilled, who is responsible for the transmittal letter, the lead management reporting? When and to whom does the sales force report their results? When and to whom are the results reported?
  5. Make your follow-up-timely- time your follow-up so it arrives the week after the show’s attendees get back to their offices so that they have time to clear their desks of work that was generated while they were at the show. They will then have time to give your proposal consideration.

The key to trade show success is wrapped up in lead-management process. The best time to plan for follow-up is before the show. Show leads often take second place to other management activites that occur after being out of the office for several days. The longer leads are left unattended, the colder and more mediocre they become. It is to your advantage to develop an organized, sytematic approach to follow-up. Establish a lead handling system, set time lines for follow-up, use a computerized database for tracking, make sales representative accountable for leads given to them, and then measure your results.

Proper Attitude and Etiquette is a Must!

18 09 2012

During a trade show, the attitude and etiquette of your staff is very important.

The attitude and etiquette of your staff at an exhibit is vital to your success because the outcome is very visible. It must be presented positively if it is to be received and internalized.

Important steps to remember:

  • Wear your badge on the right hand side so it can be seen by your visitor when shaking hands
  • If you don’t know the answer to a question, say so and use it to follow up after the show with the answer when you locate it
  • Make only those commitments that you and others can keep- visiotrs remember staffer commitments, especially those not kept
  • Exhibiting is a TEAM event- other staffers are counting on you and you on them
  • Visit with prospects only. A crowd of staffers does not attract a crowd of visitors
  • Smile- 90% of the time if you smile, someone will smile back at you
  • The exhibit is your office away from the office- as visitors see your enviornment, they see your company and make a judgement as to whether they want to do business with you

The First 3 Seconds Count!

11 09 2012

During a trade show, the first three seconds are the most important!

What your visitors learn in the first three seconds of attending your booth are the most important. You want customers to walk away with a clear representation of what your company does. Therefore, keep it simple. Designers who are used to creating brochures or ads have a tendency to overload exhibit grpahics with way too much information to be effective in a trade show exhibit. Think billboard, not bulletin board. It’s better to go for impact- less is definitely more in trade show exhibit copy.

Use a promotioanl giveaway that draws attention to your booth!

Tied into giving visiors an incentive to vist your booth is the opportunity to offer a premium item that will entice them to stop. Your giveaway items should be designed to increase your memorability, communicate, motivate, promote or increase recongnition of your company. Developing a dynamite giveaway takes thought and creativity. Consider what your target audience wants, what will help them do their job better, what they can’t get elsewhere, what is product/service related and educational. Think about having different gifts for different types of visitors. use your website to make an offer for visiotrs to collect important information, such as an executive report, when they visit your booth.

Image is Everything

4 09 2012

During a trade show, it is important to convey your company’s correct image.

Your exhibit conveys your company’s personality. This is worthwhile because it creates an emotional reaction with your customers, and customers buy for emotional reasons. The shapes, materials, surface treatments, colors, images, and even typography you choose help convey your company’s image. A company that wants a high-tech, innovative look will end up with a completely different exhibit than one that seeks a professional established image.

Tiered gift programs are a great way to reward attendees and show gratitude for their interest in your company. In order to create a tiered gift program, there are five steps:

  1.  Set a goal for the number and type of prospects you want to contact. For example, if you are a financial company targeting the health-care industry, you may want to attract 40 attendees- 10 of which are CFO’s or other hospital executives.
  2. Determine what each prospect is worth to your company. Are you willing to invest $15 per quality lead or $100?
  3.  Set a budget and choose gift items within it. The items should appeal to your audience and help you achieve your objectives for a show.
  4.  Decide how to publicize the gift reward. You can send a pre-show mailer to quality prospects and promise a gift when they return it to the booth. Or, you can base the reward on participation in a booth activity, such as a game, demonstration, or meeting with a sales rep.
  5. Measure the program’s results. If your gift program doesn’t help achieve your objectives, then you’re just giving away free stuff at the co mpany’s expense.


30 08 2012

It’s been almost two whole weeks since I’ve started my internship at KC Creative advertising and it’s so much fun!! I’m really enjoying all the designing I get to do being here! I have always liked art and graphic designing but after being here for even just a week I’ve really learned to grow fond of it! And who knew you could create so many things on Adobe Illustrator? In the past I’ve just used Photoshop, but I believe I have converted.

Another interesting thing I’ve learned while being here is that Social Media is actually an important aspect to advertising! I knew it played some part in advertising, but it makes total sense that companies want to have Facebook/Twitter pages representing them, because EVERYONE knows someone who has a Facebook or Twitter. Still, I always thought companies just updated their company Social Media sites at home, on their own time. I never imagined that a whole working day could be spent on just being on Facebook (of course, it’s not my personal Facebook, but it still works the same way… in a sense) and that’s awesome (for me)! I bet none of my friends are on Facebook where they’re interning.

To sum it up, I’ve had a great time so far. You just don’t get this type of work experience in school, and I’m really excited to see more of what  I’ll get to do next! I really want to learn more about the design aspect in advertising companies, and possibly some design techniques. Also, I’d really like to try a little Marketing as well! Before my internship, I wasn’t really sure whether I wanted to become a Pediatrician (which I’ve wanted all my life, until recently when I’ve been told I have a bit of talent in the Graphic Design area) or a Graphic Designer, a couple goals I want to accomplish after this internship are, really understanding the basics of being a Graphic Designer, I’d also like to learn some different skills and techniques in/of marketing, as well as a general idea of what types of tasks and skills marketing and graphic designing require as a career.


– Abbie Phitsanoukanh